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Supervision Blog

Supervision Blog

A Canadian blog about research on quality graduate supervision and topics and issues in graduate education.

Building Skills Beyond the Dissertation: Professional development and mentorship for graduate students’ diverse career paths

This is a guest post by Tanille Shandro, PhD Candidate in Biophysical Chemistry in the Faculty of Science at the University of Calgary. Tanille has a wealth of experience in student leadership and engagement through her roles as the Graduate Students’ Association President (2020-2022) and on the UCalgary Residence

To Conference or Not to Conference? Reflections on the Value and Costs of Academic Conferencing for Graduate Students

A blog by Michele Jacobsen, Sonja Johnston, Alex Paquette and Tanille Shandro During our weekly online research team meeting, the four of us sought a day and time to meet in-person. Far from being a simple task, the act of finding a time to meet in-person proved a challenge

June 28th, 2023|Categories: Doctoral Supervision, Professional Learning|

Online doctoral student-supervisory relationships: Exploring relational trust

This is a precis of case study findings we published on cultivating relational trust in online doctoral student-supervisory relationships. Friesen, S., Becker, S., & Jacobsen, M. (2022). Online doctoral student-supervisory relationships: Exploring relational trust. In Jacobsen, M. & Smith, C. (Eds.) Online Learning and Teaching from Kindergarten to Graduate

Online Learning Communities as Subversive Activity: Countering Isolation & Silos in Graduate Supervision

It was fun to prepare this Webinar in the CIHE Speaker Series [YouTube] about our research on quality graduate supervision and the MOOC that colleagues and I have been collaborating on for the past several years . ABSTRACT: Key to student thriving in graduate school is mentorship from an

Let’s Talk about What Counts in Communication

This guest post is from Sonja Johnston, PhD Candidate in Learning Sciences, in the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary. Sonja has received numerous teaching excellence awards and has been recognized as an emerging researcher (ISSOTL). Her research interests involve innovation in design to improve learning experiences

The Supervision Blog is edited by Dr. Michele Jacobsen (@dmichelej), Professor in Learning Sciences, University of Calgary.  Michele is known for her work in quality graduate supervision and peer mentoring. Michele is leading a research and development project, the Quality Graduate Supervision MOOC. Michele is Co-Editor of The Open/Technology in Education, Society, and Scholarship Association (OTESSA) Journal. And she has recently co-edited a book published by CATE, Online Learning and Teaching from Kindergarten to Graduate School. Michele is currently on the Board, Canadian Association for Graduate Studies (@CAGS_OTTAWA). Contact Michele if you want to write a guest post for the Supervision Blog.

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